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Discipline Has To Be Planned, Implemented Appropriately and Enforced To Have a Structured and Safe Environment

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Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: an when he is old, he will not depart from it. (Children Are Our Future.)


To promote the wellbeing and positive personal development of Students in Elementary, Middle School and High School levels.


To help Students understand the importance of structure, discipline, protocol and how to apply what they have learned into their daily lives. We promote positive personal behavior through programs that will help students focus on their education.


The AAPP program emphasizes personal responsibility and personal integrity thereby improving overall self-esteem and positive behaviors. The AAPP program has been designed for a Student to adjust their own behavior, with minimum help from AAPP Staff and school instructors.

Our programs are designed to improve the quality of life for all people. "Our Mission Is Not Impossible"

Program Development

This program was developed because there is a need for Students to become self-motivated and learn an aggressive approach towards learning.  AAPP’s goal is to develop cerebral minds in Students through our expertise, techniques and personal experiences using the common sense approach. Our program helps Students to understand the importance of discipline and protocol and how to apply what they have learned into their daily lives.


Protocol – a code of ceremony and etiquette followed by diplomats, heads of state, and the military.

Protocol – is essentially a group’s agreement to abide by a predetermined set of rules in order to maintain

                   order in a particular setting.

Protocol – AAPP will enter into a contractual agreement with the school, parents and Students. This

                   agreement will be honored by all parties

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Mailing Address:

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Houston, TX  77266

Finishing Line

Your key to Your Success begins with a Positive Attitude!


Our program focuses on all students with a special interest in the At Risk Students. AAPP’S Behavior Modification Program will provide the students with effective tools on how to deal with everyday problems in life such as anger, depression, anxiety, bullying and intimidation, low self-esteem and concentration.

  • AAPP’S behavior modification program objectives are to reduce or possibly eliminate the number of At Risk Students in your School District.


  • Parent and or Guardians acceptance and involvement is essential to the Students Success.


  • Scenario Role Play Skits illustrating bullying and classroom misbehavior with solutions (fun).


  • Students will learn how to use their minds and talents in positive and productive ways.


  • Students will learn how to trust and communicate with adults.


  • Students will learn to understand a contractual protocol agreement.


  • Students will have an opportunity to sign a contractual protocol agreement.


  • Students will love competing to be the best in our Protocol Competition Program ( exciting )


  • Students will have fun and enjoy being a part of our program.

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