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2 Corinthians 9:11  "You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to GOD"

The only time in the Bible where GOD says test me is in “Malachi 3:10 Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.”

We would like to extend our sincerest Thank You to all of the People, Churches, Ministries and Organizations who have attended and supported Fish&BreadPrayerMinistry over the years. Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for the love everyone has shown, your presence was infectious and more valuable to us than priceless jewels. What you have given our Ministry will be stored in our hearts and the archives of Fish&BreadPrayerMinistry forever!   " True Story "       

We Thank You All For Your Donations, Dedication, Volunteering & Support

Alicia Martinez

Al McEwing

Althea Glover

Ana Williams

Anderson Elementary

Angie Ward

Angie Woodard

Annie Williams

Anthony Ward

Antonio Rivera

Antonio Schjung

Arnold Talbert

Arthur Fuller

Arthur & Mary Jones

Arturo Torres

Attorney Jim & Jane Ashley

Barbara Ellis

Berline Reese

Bernadette Revis

Bessie Brooks

Betty Shoulders

Betty Smith

Billy Dorsey

Bonnie Ceafus

Brenda Perry

Bruce Walker

Carlton Johnson

Carmen Gonzales

Carol Buggs

Carol Lee

Carolyn Sue Smith

Chip Matthews

Charletta Nelson

Christine Penson

Christopher Scott

Clara Underwood

Clarence Compton

Claudia Chavez

Claudra Hubbard

Connie Lopez

Curtis Whiting

Curtis Shoulders

Curtis Wilson

Dain Ervin

Damali Vaughn

Dana Duke

Danny Nguyen

Darrell Glenn

Darrell Williams

David Turner

Deacon Dan Williams

Deloyd Parker Jr.

Denise Blanton

Diana Hidalgo

Dr. Bruce Matson

Dr. Carolyn Evans-Shabazz

Dr. Edith Irby Jones

Dr. Jacqueline Evans

Dr. Madeline Washington

Dr. Pat Akindude

Dr. Romanuel Washington

Dr. Rosilyn Vaughn

Ed Kurek

Elaine Authorlee (Billy Baby)

Ellen Caulfield

Elva Speed Jackson

Emma Todd

Eric Garcia

Ervin Taylor


Evangelist Michael Fernandez


Florence Coaxum

Frank Dumas

Frankie Mae Davis

Gail Mebane

George Walker

Gerald & Gloria Robinson

Gerald Womack

Gillian Ortez

Gina Hanchett

Glad Silva

Gracie Estrada

Hattie Fleming

Hollis Colbert

Hubert Washington


Jay Blackshire

Jerrell Hunter

Jesse Rees

Jewel Davis

Joan Williams

John Houston

John Lee

John Williams

Joseph Babineaux

Joseph Sterling

Joshua Mitchell

Juany Sanchez

Julian Rhyne

Karen Authorlee


Kathy Matthews

Keith Hughes

Kernel Bobb

Keyshia Child

Korey Eagleton


Lady B

Larry Uhi

Laura Graham

Lee & Janice Mitchell

Leslie Smith

Liliana Wiseman

Lionell Wilson

Lonal & Dorris Ellis Robinson

Lorena Broussard

Louis Edwards

Loyce Means

Luis Duarte

Lupe Alcocer

Manny & Kemberley Chacon

Marcia Mosie

Maria Botero

Matthew Gardner

Medrick Morris

Melba Moore

Melvin Duke

Michelle Hausey

Miguel Angel

Miguel Medina

Minister David Turner

Minister Edgar Fleming

Minister Faye Morris

Minister James Anderson

Minister James Carr

Minister Joseph Guinn

Minister Kenneth Smith

Minister Nevada Compton

Minister Peyton Moore

Minister Ralphena Dodson

Minister Sheila Whiting

Minister Warren Vaughn

Mitra Khalili

Mother Dember

Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Bradford

Nikita Flannel Wilson

Nita Stepherson

Norris & Blanche Ward

Oneata V. Edwards

Ornal Griffin

Oscar Porter

Pamela Kaye

Pamela Wilson

Pastor Arthur Waldrup

Pastor Craig Ford

Pastor Dr. George E. Perry

Pastor Janet Allen

Ralph Duren

Ray & Wanda Daniel

Reggie Forch

Rickey Bradford

Ricky Ford

Ricky Jones

Robert Hudson

Robert Sanchez

Rodney Blake

Roman Jones

Ruthie & Clyde Kinsey

Shawn Smith

Sheila Johnson

Shirley White

Shyrel Lee

Sidney Johnson

Sugar Bowl

Susie Roy

Sweet Lou

Theos Restaurant

Tom Mutote

Tracy Jackson


Tyra Williams

Tyrone & Stephanie Kennedy

Uncle Ben

Valda Britt

Velma Lloyd

Veronica Allen

Veronica Paniagua

Wallis Lancaster

Wanda Daniel

Will Kimcade

William Green

William Rose 

Xavier Kurek


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Swansong - Dan Falvey
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