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Prayer Line Ministry

Every Thursday @ 7:00 pm

Call In Number: 623-600-3760

Code: 471324

Alvin "Al" McEwing, was born the second child of Annie Lou and Alvin McEwing, Sr., on February 8, 1947. He graduated from Frederick Douglas High School, in Sherman, in 1965. He then attended Texas Southern University in Houston and graduated in 1971 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Industrial Arts. Al was a competitive tennis player and continued to play and teach the sport throughout his life. He was a committed teacher, provider, enabler, and servant to his community. In the 50 years he lived and worked in Houston, Al used his God-given talents as a platform to empower others to believe in their ability to achieve their own dreams and goals. He was a member of the Elders Institute Of Wisdom at SHAPE Community Center. He was a volunteer and supporter of Fish and Bread Prayer Ministry feeding the homeless for over 8 years.

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